Factory Pattern

  • This pattern is used when it must be decided at run time which one of several compatible classes is to be instantiated.
  • For example, the abstract Collator class's getInstance() method returns a collation object that is appropriate for the default locale, as determined by java.util.Locale.getDefault():
  • Like other locale-sensitive classes, you can use the static factory method, getInstance, to obtain the appropriate Collator object for a given locale. 
  • The following example shows how to compare two strings using the Collator for the default locale.
  • Compare two strings in the default locale
    • Collator myCollator = Collator.getInstance();
    • if("abc", "ABC") < 0 )
    • System.out.println("abc is less than ABC");
    • else
    • System.out.println("abc is greater than or equal to ABC");

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