EJB 2.0 Drawbacks

  • Complex Products
  • Unmaintainable System
  • Non-portable, frame-work committed business components
  • Unpredictable System
  • Why EJB 2.0 is complex / complicated?
    • Session bean - to write say hello method

      in EJB 2.x, you need to write
      home interface
      component interface

      in EJB 3.x, you need to write
      interface (with annotation)
      bean (with annotation)

      EJB 2.x; lookup is the only way to get server object/resource
      EJB 3; DI (dependency injection) & lookup are the available way

      there are more points. But basically, with EJB 3 responsibility of container is heavy & responsibility of developer is light weight; so that development is less & maintenance is easy.

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